For more than 15 years, VRintelligence (VRi) has worked with a variety of major organisations, such as P&G, Coca-Cola, PMI, Siemens Nixdorf, and Total.
Today, VRi is leading the FMCG real-time ‘Operational intelligence and complex events processing’, based on a large real-time database, with L’Oréal International, DANONE, and Nestlé.

VRiTools® are a suite of business solutions designed for retailers to create, collaborate and run market research in 3D virtual reality. The methodology enables users to simulate marketing-mix settings in order to make better decisions through the eyes of the shopper.

The methodology, which is based on an iterative process, generates collaborations able to reduce time-to-market by up to a third of the current time taken.

  • VRi is the leading designer of shopper labs for quantitative studies of consumer behaviour, integrating subject-tracking techniques such as eye-tracking and real-time analysis.
  • S3D-real-time: VRi is deploying stereo-3D-real-time applications for use in company headquarters worldwide.
  • e-commerce: VRiTools® real-time databases are web compatible, allowing for the creation of a new generation of e-commerce.

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