Launched in 2006, the PIL has opened 25.000 m² dedicated to the creative industries. It clusters more than 30 companies working with the best production tools of the country. The whole supply chain for audiovisual projects is available there : storyboarding, shooting material and facilities, SFX and DI, animation, digital cinema equipment, digital archiving, CrossMedia services, digital signage, R&D,…

Moreover, these services can be financed by in-house services, as its own Tax Shelter fund opened to every Belgian coproducer. In addition, as the PIL is based in Wallonia, its Members are eligible to the regional funds and facilities (Wallimage Coproductions, CrossMedia…), the cultural aids of the French Community and the whole Tax Shelter market !

Since its creation, the PIL has initiated an internal emulation, creating new and unique solutions : free training of audiovisual technicians, CrossMedia package, alternative contents,… Among the latest developments, the PIL has launched shooting studios (1.450 m²) designed for cinema and TV productions.

If you have any idea about producing an audiovisual content, have in mind you will find the bests studios in a true dream factory. More than 250 specialists are ready to help you make the most of your movies, series or even CrossMedia projects.

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