Amplo, formerly known as T-Heater, operates in the creative sector as a Social Office for Artists (BSA). For the last approximately fifteen years, we have fulfilled a pioneering role in the administrative support of workers of the creative, artistic and audio-visual sector. Today, we have become a really reliable HR partner for the workplace. Besides payroll (wage management) and the administration of staff, we offer a wide range of additional custom-made services in order to meet the specific needs of the sector. We offer tailored work for our clients, the freelancers and the sector as a whole.

Recently, we have among other things set up new alternatives such as project contracts. The project contract, a fixed-term or a permanent one, is available for well-defined projects, with or without precise deadline. A win-win solution that allows freelancers to carry out specific tasks without any time pressure. It allow our clients to benefit from an all-in-one service and moreover strengthens the whole sector on a long-term basis.

Are you keen to discover more? Do not hesitate any longer and consult the website or contact directly our Account Manager.

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