EURA NOVA gives a competitive advantage to companies thanks to cutting-edge IT technology. We seek excellence, we value knowledge sharing, and we invest massively in our people to sustain our mission.
EURA NOVA has a one-of-a-kind business model, as it is a consultancy company supported by a private research centre and a product incubator. Our consultancy 
activities give us a clear viewpoint onto challenges and problems companies have to face. This practical expertise feeds the research centre with real use cases and critical questions that have come directly from an industry. Moreover, our private research centre contributes to bringing forward the state of the art of data scienceand data architecture. Our R&D team produces scientifc papers, holds workshops, talks at renowned international conferences, and is invited to European universities to share knowledge. Such scientifc watch and production feed our consultancy services with the latest innovation.

EURA NOVA is also a product incubator. We defne a EURA NOVA product as a solution that (1) solves a business problem that is frequently encountered during consultancy assignments and that (2) is inspired by the latest innovation from our R&D centre. As a product incubator, EURA NOVA has experience and knowledge in a range of issues that often occur during the industrialisation, implementation, organisation, and exploitation stages.
EURA NOVA works with a whole range of industries, such as telecommunication, pharmacy, banking and insurance, media, retail, and marketing. This versatility makes cross-pollination possible; our clients’ challenges can be solved partly with solutions that were designed in other sectors.
EURA NOVA combines three kinds of expertise: data science, data architecture, and software development. All three are articulated: the full potential of data science models can be unleashed if and when they are supported by an architecture that makes the digital shift possible and when they are applied in a user-friendly solution developed wisely in the client company’s technical environment. We always make choices in a given feld with the expertise we have in the other two. In short, our clients beneft from this threefold expertise.
Finally, we pay particular attention to the selection and the follow-up of our people.
Our recruitment process includes four assessments at least. First, we assess candidates’ soft skills and attitude. Then, they have a technical interview with one of our experts. After that, they have to resolve a technical case on a topic they do not master yet, to assess the way they learn and to think. Lastly, the candidates have a conversation with a director. Once they are part of EURA NOVA, employees take advantage of on-the-job training, knowledge-sharing tools and activities, and an internal custom-made career development programme that encourages them to sharpen their skills and deepen their impact as experts.


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