Wallonia has been distinguished as a « European Creative District » along with Tuscany among more than 40 candidate regions in Europe. After two years of implementation of the Creative Wallonia program, the European Commission assessed this action as exemplary. It is on the basis of this program and the recognition of the European Commission that a new project has emerged: the Wallonia European Creative District.

The stake is, among others, to promote the Creative Wallonia program at an international level and to demonstrate the transformative power of the Walloon approach centered on creativity, hybridisation and a cross-sectoral view.

The “Wallonia European Creative District” aims at enhancing the potential of creative and cultural industries to revitalize the industrial transition of the Walloon economy. Creative and cultural industries can inspire change and develop creative synergies with traditional industries. It is about testing new visions to enhance the creative economy in Wallonia.

Added value has been created in the regional economy through surprising tools: co-creation, design, hybridization, etc.

This approach aims at positioning Creative Wallonia as a European demonstrator, developing trans-regional collaboration for public and private stakeholders, and developing the plan itself through benchmark and identification of good practices.

The TWIST cluster is partner of this project. Our mission is more specifically to create a European cluster in the field of transmedia. Transmedia worldbuilding represents a process where elements of a narration process get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated experience.  The user is expected to generate content and interact becoming a contributor to the story.

For more information about the project Wallonia European District, go on Creative Wallonia website. 

Creative WalloniaEuropean Parliament

« Wallonia Creative District is a Preparatory Action proposed by the European Parliament and implemented through a Grant Agreement by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry »

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